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Water Polo

Water Polo has been played in Ireland for over 100 years, and there is currently a National League in Men’s, Women’s and Underage Categories as well as National Cups. The Irish Water Polo Association was founded in 1964. There is also a Men’s Leinster League below the three National League Divisions. Associated sports include Canoe Polo and Underwater Hockey.

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Swim Ireland

The Olympic Games is the pinnacle of an Athletes career and Irish Swimmers have been winning Medals at the Olympic Games since 1924. The Irish Open Swimming Championships are one of the highlights of the Irish Swimming Calendar.

Open Sea Swimming

The Dublin City Liffey Swim was first raced in 1920 and was the first of its kind in the World.

Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo is a team ball game similar to Water Polo, with the difference that players are in canoes. Players try to pass the ball to each other and score in a goal at the defending teams end while navigating around the pool by canoe.



Ireland Hosted the first European Surfing Championships in 1972.

Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey, as its name suggests, is a team sport where players push a puck along the bottom of a pool with the goal of scoring at their opposing teams end. Players wear snorkel gear and come up for air at timed intervals.

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